Cautions in Handling & Safety Precautions

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Cautions in Handling

Don’t carry the motor roller by holding its leads or don’t let it hit anything or drop. The internal precision parts might be damaged. When passing a lead through a hole in the frame, be careful not to damage its coating.

  • *Before maintenance, be sure to turn off the power.
  • *Never operate the conveyor line with the safety cover removed.
  • *Ground the conveyor line to prevent electric shock.

Safety Precautions

Please read the section entitled “Design Considerations” carefully and follow the instructions given there.

Don’t ride on the conveyor.
You might fall and get seriously injured.
Don’t’ touch a driving or rotating part of the conveyor.
Your hand might get caught in the conveyor, resulting in a serious injury.
Don’t’ touch a conveyor roller or belt.
Your hand might get caught in the conveyor, resulting in a serious injury.
Never put your hand on any part of the machine during operation.
Anti-surge Measures
When the motor roller is turned on and off, a surge voltage (thousands of volts) is generated momentarily. Any surge voltage may unfavorably affect the motor coil and shorten the service life of the motor roller. To prevent this, use a noncontact relay to open or close the circuit or install a surge absorber between the switch (magnet relay) and the motor
About the Use of an Inverter
An inverter cannot be used with any roller model intended to run on single-phase power or on 380 V or more three-phase power.
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