Tapered rollers

Major Features of Asahi Motor Rollers
  • Freely controllable rotation (CW, CCW, stop)
  • Retrofittable to existing conveyors. Easily attachable and detachable.
  • It is easy to design an automatic conveyor line.
  • Lubrication-free and clean
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Smooth rotating surfaces assure safety.
  • Equipped with a terminal bracket and a safety cover which are convenient for wiring
  • A low cost conveyor line is realized when motor rollers are linked with idle rollers through various belts.
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We will also supply idle rollers, or rollers without built-in motors.
  • Catalog Number Code (legend)
  • Withstand Load
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42R5 200V・220V・380V・415V・480V
42R9 200V・220V・380V・415V・480V
42R12 200V・220V・380V・415V・480V
57R9 200V・220V・380V・415V・480V
Please contact us for the accumulator type. : available ー: unavailable
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